• Here is a bit of a digital art and game of concepts...
    3D design, graphic design, illustration and SVG animation and web design.

    Illustrations and the short storyes about physics of psycologic dimensions. Control levers of the unconscious with detailed illustrations for applied research of emptiness.

    PART 1
    "Man is a powerful magical creature with the help of which Infinity knows itself" Carlos Castaneda

    I invite you to a parallel world, full of reflections of light and shadow in the dark waters of the subconscious. Here are born the intentions and the power that accompanies us in our most daring dreams. Here I see the birth of the objects that enter this world to change it forever. It is the door to talking with other instances of ourselves, that inhabit the parallel worlds of alternative possibilities. Let me tell you about my vision of the mechanics of connections and the rules of this game through a series of tales of Power.
    The Power of things
    Each thing is a piece of power. It catch our attention, forsing us to calculate its detailed view. Its attracts and absorbs a moment of our life during which we are conscious of its presence. While doing so, the thing becomes a part of us, it becomes us; it is alive by feeding on the energy of the focus of our attention. Each thing have a personal history, endless archives of all types of minds that it has met on its way. This makes our minds an interconnected network through which things interact and communicate with each other. Our consciousness is a tool for their interaction
    The Mask
    Behind the mask lays another mask, behind which hides an endless series of other masks We are moving from one world to another, funnelling through empty eyes sockets. From the mask - into the mask, along an endless pulsing road among the stars…
    The Prism
    The appearance of reality depends of the point of vision and focus of attention. Through this prism comes the projection of images, sounds and tastes on the foggy walls that surround us. So we can see the movie of our lives. This show excites in us the impulses of emotions and we set the direction of movement in the ocean of objects.
    We are islands.
    Behind the fence of leather, veins and teeth hides soft flesh.
    Sweet flesh. But no one can get it simply from the outside ...
    Predators wander in the misty forests, enter into dreams.
    They know that here from the inside, they can get our soft flesh.
    Each point in the universe is the centre of coordinates for everything else. Around each point, the rest of the universe rotates. Each object in the universe is suspended by threads of interactions with each other, moving like a pendulum of infinitely complex mechanics.
    The human template. It lives in the ocean of the unconscious and illuminates the islands of reality with the eye of perception ... It looks at them  through the mask of "I". Everything that surrounds us depends on it. He is the master of fortune. He could be called a god, if he had no tail.