• Art has no limits. With the arrival of new technologies, the horizon of possibilities for artistic expression moved. Software offer us an easy and effective way of realizing our ideas combining sculpting, shapes created by mathematical formulas, parametric and procedural design...
    Here I will show you my sculpture works made using modelling software with 3D-printing technology for the realization of physical objects.
  • Eggs collection
    Limited edition 3D prints
    From now on, the eggs have legs and are free to walk the world, looking for the lost hen… :)
    Each one is a small world, designed by its unique formula and parametric sequence, similar to a genetic code... Each one carries its secrets.
    …In the cultural parallel, it is a modern interpretation of the Fabergé eggs concept.
  • Template
    Limited edition 3D prints
    The human template, the form that underlies each of us. It looks into the world through the mask of personality, with which we associate ourselves, and plays with consciousness, directing its focus to a particular sector of reality.